eTEST is a project that explores methods for providing follow-up counseling after users take a home-based test for HIV that has been sent to them in the mail. While home-based testing has the potential to make it easier for those at high-risk for HIV to test more regularly, it's important that users are well-connected with resources they need after they get tested. For example, if users receive reactive results from this test, it's important that they are connected with confirmatory testing and HIV care as soon as possible, to ensure they start treatment right away. To address this concern, eTEST uses a smartphone app, together with internet-of-things (IoT) technologies to electronically monitor home-based test kits that we send users, so that we can provide timely counseling and referrals over the phone after the test is taken.  

Users can sign up through the app to begin receiving regular home-based test kits through the mail. Each test kit is fit with a small sensor that can detect when it is opened, prompting a qualified HIV test counselor to touch base with users to provide counseling/referral. Depending on the results of the test, counselors can then connect users with further care or other prevention resources (e.g., testing for other sexually-transmitted diseases, or pre-exposure prophylaxis). 

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